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Lagenaria sphaerica - Wild Calabash - 5 Seeds
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Lagenaria sphaerica - Wild Calabash - 5 Seeds


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Lagenaria sphaerica - Wild Calabash - 5 Seeds

Lagenaria sphaerica - Wild Calabash

This listing is for 5 seeds of this South African native.

Lagenaria sphaerica is a herbaceous climber in the Cucurbitaceae family. It is commonly known as the Wild Melon or Wild Calabash.

These plants are found in low lying areas from the Eastern Cape of South Africa to east Africa. The may grow along river floodplains or up into the canopy of riparian forests. They may also be found in coastal dune vegetation. It is a perennial arising from a succulent woody rootstock as do many African members of this family of plants. It is vigorous climber, the annually growing stems scrambling, climbing or trailing over whatever support it finds. The leaves have toothed margins and hairy surfaces. The stems produce tendrils which support the long stems.

These plants produce large white flowers which attract many insects due to their sweet scent. The melon/gourd is green and mottled, around the size of a tennis ball. The plants are dioecious and you will need two plants to get any fruit (a male one and a female one). The male plant produces its flowers in groups of up to 10 and the female produces single flowers with an immature fruit behind it.

Full instructions can be found here.

Variety Gourds
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Tropicals

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