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Glottiphllum mixed species - Tongue Leaf - 25 Fresh Seeds
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Glottiphllum mixed species - Tongue Leaf - 25 Fresh Seeds


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Glottiphyllum mixture - Tongue leaf

This listing is for 25 seeds of this South African succulent plant.

This will form a free flowering carpeting plant that has many long curved or lax fleshly leaves that look like green 'tongues'. Indeed the name Glottiphyllum means tongue leaf. The flowers, which will only open in full sun, are generally yellow or golden orange. The flowers are followed by a seed capsule containing many seeds. Grown well it will flower in the first year from seed

They can live for many years, with 30 in the wild not being uncommon. They need only a small amount of water in cultivation to keep the growth typical and little by way of feeding. The plants need a fairly dry resting period after they have flowered in order to grow well, so water should be withheld for around 3 months or more after flowering.

Full instructions can be found here.

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