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Datura metel - Devil's Trumpet

Datura metel - Devil's Trumpet


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 Packet of 15 seeds.

A native of China, now widely grown as an exotic ornamental plant. Also known as the Thorn Apple, due to it's spiky, round fruit. A close relative of the related Angel's Trumpets (Brugmansia), the difference being that Datura has upright flowers. This species has large white flowers with a very powerful and exotic scent, at it's best on warm summer evenings.

Adds an exotic touch to your summer bedding or patio. A very quick and easily flowered tropical plant.

Easily grown as an annual, although strictly speaking it is a tender perennial. It is hardy to Zone 9 and above. It can be easily overwintered in a frost free location or grown each year afresh from seed.

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