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Offer #11 - Large Flowered Exotic's - 10 Packs of Fresh Seed

Offer #11 - Large Flowered Exotic's - 10 Packs of Fresh Seed


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10 Packs of Seed

For sale here is a pack of large flowered exotic trees and shrubs. There are 10 separately labeled packs of seed. It is no coincidence that all of the varieties are from the 'Pea' Family, as this is the source of some of the most spectacular flowering shrubs and trees.

The varieties are:

  1. Bauhinia bowkeri - White Flowered Tulip Tree - 5 Seeds
  2. Bauhinia galpini - Pride of 'de Kaap' - 5 Seeds
  3. Bauhinia petersiana - White Orchid Tree - 5 Seeds
  4. Bauhinia tomentosa - Yellow flowered Tulip Tree - 5 Seeds
  5. Caesalpina pulcherrinum - Pride of Barbados - 5 Seeds
  6. Cassia javanica ssp nodosa - Pink Shower Tree - 6 Seeds
  7. Cassia roxburghii - Red Shower Tree
  8. Colvillea racemosa - Colville's Glory Tree - 5 Seeds
  9.  Delonix regia - Flame Tree - 5 Seeds
  10. Tamarindus indica - Tamarind Tree - 5 Seeds

All may also be used as houseplants as well as used as Bonsai material, although they have all been selected for the large and showy flowers they produce. All types are easy from seed and come individually packed and labeled together with instructions

Most of these are fairly fast growing and will make reasonable specimens in a few years. Expect the first flowers on the Bauhinia's at around 3 - 4 years (perhaps a little sooner with good growth).

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