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Larix sibirica - Siberian Larch - Fresh Seeds
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Larix sibirica - Siberian Larch - Fresh Seeds


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Larix sibirica - Siberian Larch

This is a listing for 10 seeds.

Known as the Siberian or Russian Larch

Larix sibirica is a deciduous Tree growing to 30 m. It is hardy to Zone 1 and is not in any way frost tender, as can be the case with some of the so called hardy confiers. It is in flower from Apr to May, and the seeds ripen from Oct to November.
The cones remain on the trees for many years.

It can be grown almost anywhere and also used as a bonsai specimen.

Full growing instructions can be downloaded from my shop, details on my 'ME' page.

Please read the listing thoroughly so that you understand what it is you will be purchasing. If you have questions, please ask them before purchase as this is the time any queries, ambiguities or simple misunderstandings can be readily resolved. You may download the instruction sheets at any time by following the links from my about 'ME' page (shown after my username at the top of any listing).

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Germinating seeds and growing plants are subject to many other factors including the conditions under which they are raised (including but not limited to: Light, moisture, soil, humidity) and the skill of the individual grower. As the vendor, such factors are completely outside of my control and all seeds and plants are supplied on this basis.

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