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Lavatera trimestris - Rose Mallow - 100 Fresh Seeds
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Lavatera trimestris - Rose Mallow - 100 Fresh Seeds


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Lavatera trimestris - Rose Mallow

This is a listing for 100 seeds of this cottage garden favourite.

A fast growing annual, the name trimestris means 3 months - the time from seed to flower to seed for this plant, it is ideally suited to most locations. It grows up to 1.4 metres tall and produce large cup shaped blooms of a glowing pink with deeper coloured contrasting veins on the petals. They make excellent cut flowers, each stem lasting for 7 -10 days if cut just as the first flower is unfurling. Bees and butterflies love the blooms so will be attracted to your garden by these flowers. Dead head the plants frequently to extend the flowering period.

Easy from seed, it can just be sown in open ground where it is to flower. Always leave some plants to go to seed so as to replace the plants each year for every improving displays. For staggered displays and a longer flowering season, plant in sucession at two week intervals to ensure that plants are always in bloom. They can be sown in pots (three seeds per pot) and planted out when large enough. They may also be grown in containers quite easily. Full instructions for growing all US wildflowers can be found at this link.

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