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Lilium superbum - Turk's Cap Lily - Seeds
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Lilium superbum - Turk's Cap Lily - Seeds


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Lilium superbum - Turk's Cap Lily THIS IS A LISTING FOR A PACK OF 20 SEEDS. Lilium superbum is aspecies of true lily native to the eastern and central regions ofNorth America. Common names include, Turk's cap lily, turban lily,swamp lily or American tiger lily. The species is native from NewHampshire south to Florida, and west to Missouri and Arkansas.Lilium superbum grows from 3-7 feet (0.91-2.1 m) high, with typically3 to 7 blooms, but exceptional specimens have been observed with up to40 flowers on each stem. It is capable of growing in wet conditions.It is fairly variable in size, form, and color. The color is known torange from a deep yellow to orange to a reddish-orange "flame"coloring, with reddish petal tips. The flowers have a green star attheir center than can be used to distinguish L. superbum from theAsiatic "tigerlilies" that frequently escape from cultivationTolerant of a wide range of growing conditions, this species issuitable for Zones 3 - 9. Ideally suited for a wildlife or wildflowergarden. It will also add charm to a cottage garden planting with theflowers waving gently in any breeze.Full instructions can be downloaded from my website, details of whichare on my 'Me' page

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