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Linaria maroccana 'Northern Lights' Mixture - Toadflax - 5000 Seeds
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Linaria maroccana 'Northern Lights' Mixture - Toadflax - 5000 Seeds


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Linaria maroccana - Toadflax - Northern Lights Mix

This is a listing for at least 5000 seeds of this annual plant.

Orginally native to Morroco, this is a annual flowering plant from the plantain family. It produces a spike of flowers that open in succession from the base. This is a mixed selection of colours, so although the species has purple flowers, this mix has a wide range of flowers. Tolerant of a wide range of conditions, in all but the hottest and driest areas it will flower all the way through to the first frosts. In dry conditions, flowering may be over earlier as the plants fade.

The flowers are sure to attract wildlife, in particular bees which will pollinate the flowers. Where happy it will self seed and come back season after season, naturalising itself quite readily.

The seeds are tiny and hard to count - therefore the seed will be weighed and each pack will contain 1.5 grams of seed.

Full instructions can be found by following this link.

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