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Liriodendron tulipifera - Yellow Tulip Tree
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Liriodendron tulipifera - Yellow Tulip Tree


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Pack of 10 seeds of this beautiful flowering tree.

This is member of the Magnolia family, which is evident by the shape and form of the showy scented flowers. The flowers are produced in June/July and are followed by strange seed pods that resemble skeletal tulips. The leaves turn a spectacular golden colour in the Autumn/Fall. A beautiful tree whether in or out of flower, it has been chosen as the state tree for both Indiana and Kentucky.

Fast growing, up to 190 feet tall in the wild, cultivated specimens are likely to be smaller, reaching perhaps 90 feet with a spread of perhaps half that. Hardy to Zone 4, it requires a deep soil, but is otherwise tolerant of a wide range of conditions.

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