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Livistona muelleri - Dwarf Fan Palm - Fresh Seeds
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Livistona muelleri - Dwarf Fan Palm - Fresh Seeds


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Livistona muelleri - Dwarf Fan Palm

You are bidding for 5 seeds.A native of Australia, this is a small growing fan palm (often no more than 3 metres tall), with characteristic fan shaped leaves up to 1 metre in length (in adult palms).  Slow growing, it will take many years to reach maturity, this makes it idealy suited as a house plant as it is unlikely to outgrow its location.  An unusual palm that is not widely grown (but probably should be)

The leaves are blue/grey and armed with spines.  Adult plants produce flowering 'stems' carrying many hundreds of stirking maroon coloured flowers, which are followed by clusters of fruit each containing a round bluish/black seed. 

The tree prefers a sunny location and grows best in a sandy, free draining soil.  Relatively hardy providing it is kept dry in winter capable of withstanding temperatures as low as 22 F (- 5 C).

Very easy from seed by following the instructions provided with which I have successfully germinated 1000's of palm seeds.

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