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Lobelia siphilitica - Great Blue Lobelia - 500+ Fresh Seeds
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Lobelia siphilitica - Great Blue Lobelia - 500+ Fresh Seeds


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LOBELIA SIPHILITICA - GREAT BLUE LOBELIA THIS IS A LISTING FOR A PACK OF 500+ SEEDS. The Great Blue Lobelia(Lobelia siphilitica) is a species within the Campanulaceae family. Itis an herbaceous, perennial native to eastern and central Canada andUnited States. Growing up to a meter tall, it lives in zones 4 to 9 inmoist to wet soils. It produces a spike of zygomorphic flowers in thelate summer.It blooms from August to October. It is a short lived perennial (witheach plant living for only a few years).Although self-compatible, a flower is unable to offer pollen to itselfand it must be pollinated by insects (primarily bees).The small seeds are impossible to count so the pack is weight based.Full instructions can be downloaded from my website, details of whichare on my 'Me' page

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