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Coffea arabica - Coffee Bush

Coffea arabica - Coffee Bush


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Pack of 5 seeds of this plant.

One of the most important crops in the world, the origin of the plant is believed to be East Africa, in particular Ethiopia. The Latin name has it's origins in the fact that Arab traders first introduced the rest of the world to coffee during their trading forays to the coast of Africa. The plant is a bushy shrub, with glossy deep green leaves making it a handsome houseplant. The plant bears white, scented flowers in the spring and summer, these are followed by the fruits (a drupe) each containing 2 seeds (the coffee beans). This is a dwarf cultivar, growing no more than a metre tall and having a similar spread

Widespread around the world now, grown almost anywhere it can be grown in order to produce coffee of various types

Not at all frost hardy, this will make a stunning and fast growing houseplant. The seeds are easy to germinate, provided the soaking instructions are followed as the seeds would otherwise take a long time to germinate.

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