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Lupinis polycarpus - Small Lupin - 50 Fresh Seeds
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Lupinis polycarpus - Small Lupin - 50 Fresh Seeds


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Lupinis polycarpus - Small Lupin - 50 Fresh Seeds

Lupinus polycarpus - Small Lupin

This is a listing for 50 seeds of this annual Lupin.

Lupinu polycarpus is a species of lupine known as the small lupin. It is a showy flowering plant native to western North America from California to British Columbia. It is an annual lupine which often shares a habitat with the California poppy. It has a short, hairy stem and thin, palmately-arranged leaves. The inflorescence is short for a lupine at up to 8 centimeters tall. The flowers are usually two colors, with one often a deep blue. The other color is often white and sometimes a light purple or magenta. There are sometimes small speckles or spots on the petals. The plant's hairy pods are quite small, only a couple of centimeters long and very thin, and they contain tiny brownish peas. This plant can be variable in appearance and there are several subspecies whose relationships are as yet unclear.

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Variety Lupins
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Annuals & Biennials

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