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Aloe ferox - Bitter Aloe

Aloe ferox - Bitter Aloe


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Pack of 5 seeds.

A medium sized Aloe, averaging 2 - 3 metres, exceptionally 5 metres tall. It is single stemmed, the stem becoming sheathed in the old leaves as the plant ages as only damage or force removes the old leaves. Heavily spined, the specific name (ferox = fierce) refers to this. The plant is well known in traditional medicine and ranks with Aloe vera for usefulness in this respect.Flowering occurs in summer, although in the Northern hemisphere this may happen towards the latter half of the summer and into the autumn as is the case with many Aloes. The flowers are borne on tall (1 metre or more) branched spikes and are either red or, more rarely, red with white tips, depending on the population and location. The flowers may be followed by seed pods where pollination has occurred. In habitat the flowers are the favourites of sunbird's as they are attracted by the copious nectar.

The plant may flower in 5 years from seed in it's natural state, but in the far better conditions it will find in cultivation, this is likely to happen much more quickly. Quite tough, it will still need some winter protection in frost prone areas during the coldest weather.

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  1. Excellent quality seeds, 100% success rate

    Posted by Steve, Kidderminster, UK 7 years ago

    Received 5 seeds, germinated 5 seeds. The seeds were placed in a propogator in a bright position. A temperature of 26-28 degrees C was maintained, and the compost was kept moist at all times with a weak solution of copper based fungicide as advised. Within two weeks of sowing the seed, all had germinated.

Showing reviews 1 - 1 of 1