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Moringa hildebrandtii - Bottle Tree - 5 Seeds
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Moringa hildebrandtii - Bottle Tree - 5 Seeds


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Moringa hildebrandtii - Bottle Tree

This is a listing for a pack of 5 seeds.

This species of Moringa comes from Madagascar, where it is extinct in the wild, but has been kept going by local people who plant it in around their villages. Much like its relatives the leaves are said to be packed full of nutrients, making this another of natures 'superfoods', the primary reason why it has been preserved by local people.

It grows to 20 metres tall and has a swollen trunk which gives it it's common name.The flowers are relatively small and insignificant, these being followed by large seed pods containing several large seeds. It is naturally growing bonsai as it will remain dwarf if it's growing space is restricted, without the need for pruning, producing its swollen trunk at quite an early point. Drought resistant, it can only be grown outside where there is no danger of any frost like most Madagascan endemics.

This is something we rarely see offered by the collectors/wholesalers and when it is, we try to secure stocks. The last time we stocked this (along with the related Moringa drouhardii) was over 5 years ago now! Finally we have been able to secure stocks of this second species.

Full instructions can be found by following this link.

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