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Musa acuminata - Wild Banana - 10 Fresh Seeds
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Musa acuminata - Wild Banana - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Musa acuminata - The Wild Banana


Musa acuminata is one of the parents of the modern day edible banana (the other being the Sweet Banana, Musa balbasinia). It is native to South East Asia and is a very widespread species. It will hybridise readily with related and co-located Musa species and it is for this reason it is used in the production of the modern commercial varieties.

This is the plain leaved variety that will grow up to 3 metres or more tall. It will grow quite quickly and will soon make a good sized houseplant.It will flower and fruit under ideal conditions and the fruit is edible, but contains small hard seeds - as many as 80 in each fruit.

It is not hardy and should be treated as a temporary pot plant for garden use in areas that have any frost. It makes a very good houseplant, generally remaining free from pests. Full growing instructions can be found in my shop, the link to this is here.

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