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Musa bauensis - Bau Banana - 10 Fresh Seeds
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Musa bauensis - Bau Banana - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Musa bauensis - Bau Banana

This listing is for 10 seeds.

This is a recently discovered banana from Sarawak which grows on the limestone cliffs near Bau, it was first described and collected in 2004.

It has striking purple flower buds and finger sized edible bananas which can be produced in the 2nd year from seed. It has hairy stems, quite an unusual feature and like most bananas it will produce suckers from the base of the pseudostem which can be used for propagating further specimens. It grows ultimately to around 3 metres tall. As yet its hardiness has not been assessed, but it may prove to be hardy in sheltered spots, away from drying winds and given protection when frost is expected. Otherwise grow indoors either in a conservatory, greenhouse or a bright location in a normal room. When growing bananas like this, it is easy enough to restrict the size by keeping them in a relatively small pot or by starting afresh every few years with plants from the suckers that they will produce.

It grows away quickly from seed, reaching up to 1 metre tall in the first year (ground to leaf tip) and by its second year it can be planted out and will get to around 2 metres or more in this second year. Growing bananas from seed has many advantages, the main one is numbers against cost. Buy a big grown banana and you would be rightly loathed to put your expensive investment in harms way. Pay just a few pence/cents for each seed grown plant and you can always experiment with hardiness and either be pleasantly surprised or not too out of pocket if it succumbs.

Full growing instructions are provided on my website, including the usage of germination accelerators which we wholeheartedly recommend for all banana seeds to improve germination. The germination sheet can be found here. The sheet for use of salt petre as a soak can be found here.

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