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Howea forsteriana - Kentia Palm - 10 Fresh Seeds
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Howea forsteriana - Kentia Palm - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Howea forsteriana - Kentia Palm

This listing is for 10 seeds.

Howea forsteriana (Kentia Palm or Thatch palm) is endemic to Lord Howe Island in Australia. It is also widely grown on Norfolk Island. It is a relatively slow-growing palm, eventually growing up to 10 m (33 ft) tall by 6 m (20 ft) wide. Its fronds can reach 3 m (10 ft) long.
The palm is an elegant plant, and is popular for growing indoors, requiring little light. Out of doors, it prefers a tropical region but will also grow in a cooler climate, and can tolerate temperatures down to -5 °C, but only for a few hours; normal temperatures should not go below 10°. It grows readily outside in areas such as southern Australia and northern New Zealand, where it is fairly common in private gardens or as a street tree. In the Northern Hemisphere, it can be grown as far north as southwest England, and grows well in the south of Spain and the southernmost parts of the USA, and will bear flowers and fruit. In the United States, the kentia palm is often used in California in tropical plantings because it closely resembles the coconut palm, which cannot be grown there. The coasts of the southeastern Azores and Madeira offer climates similar to its original habitat. It is slow growing, but will eventually reach heights of 6 to 18 metres. Under natural conditions, it grows as a solitary tree.
Outside of these areas it makes a fabulous house plant and large specimens retailing for hundreds (of what ever your currency is). Buying seed is a far less expensive way of producing these plants
Germination of the seeds, whilst easy, is improved by use of a germination accelerator during the soaking process. The price here includes a pack of this, normally retailing at 0.99 GBP.
Palm growing instructions can be found at this link. Saltpetre soak uses and instructions can be found here. General cultivational instructions for all of our plants can be found here.

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