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Musa sikimensis - Darjeeling Banana - 10 Fresh Seeds
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Musa sikimensis - Darjeeling Banana - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Musa sikimensis - Darjeeling Banana - 10 Fresh Seeds

Musa sikimensis - Darjeeling Banana

This listing is for 10 seeds of this banana species from India.

A large banana and one that can be considered as hardy in many areas, this is the pure species that lacks the red marking of some of its cultivars but is a lot more hardy. It has large, graceful leaves with a bright red midrib and plain deep green leaves. The plant grows up to 4 metres tall and produces large flower stems followed by large bananas full of seeds and a sweet white pulp.

Of all the banana species, this one is found at the highest altitude and is therefore considered to be the most hardy. Frost is not unheard of in its habitat, nor is snow, with plants being able to survive for periods covered in snow with relatively little damage to the leaves6

It is hardy in Zones 7b to 11, so it can tried outside in many situations. It makes an excellent container specimen and can be grown in open ground in many areas with some winter weather protection.

Full growing instructions can be found in my shop, the link to this on my Me page.

Variety Bananas
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Tropicals

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