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Musa yunnanensis - Yunnan Banana - Fresh Seeds
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Musa yunnanensis - Yunnan Banana - Fresh Seeds


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Musa yunnanensis - Yunnan Banana

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This is a recently discovered banana species from Yunnan province in China, where it grows at heights of around 4000 feet. It is hardy to frost, shade tolerant (essentially an understorey plant in what is primarily a montane forest enviroment). It will grow to 5.5 metres in height, although generally plants are smaller. Its psuedostems have a bluish waxy coating and the surfaces of the leaves also share this characteristic. It will both flower and fruit in cultivation, although the fruits are edible but not overly palatable to the human taste (fruit bats love them however).

It grows away quickly from seed and it prefers a shaded location being an understorey plant, this trait makes it an ideal plant for growing indoors. It suckers freely and once established it will form an attractive clump, even where pot grown.

It will flower and fruit under ideal conditions although, as mentioned the fruit is bland and it does contain seeds like most wild bananas.

It is hardy to several degrees of frost, but the crown of leaves may need some protection in order to stop them from becoming marked by the frost.

Full growing instructions can be found in my shop, the link to this on my Me page.

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