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Ensete lasiocarpum - Golden Lotus Banana - 10 Seeds
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Ensete lasiocarpum - Golden Lotus Banana - 10 Seeds


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This is a listing for 10 seeds of this ornamental banana.

Ensete lasiocarpum, commonly known as Chinese dwarf banana, golden lotus banana or Chinese yellow banana, is a plant of the Ensete genus. It is thus a close relative of bananas, and also a member of the Musaceae family. The plant is native to the Yunnan province in China, where it grows high in the mountains up to an altitude of 2500 m. It is known for its yellow erect flower (see image), generally appearing during the second year of cultivation, that can last a few months. Just before opening, the flower resembles a lotus - from which the plant gets one of its names.

The Chinese use the plant for animal feed (as it grows so fast), yet it makes a stunning ornamental rivalling many of the more usual banana species for a place in the exotic garden.

It is fairly hardy and will survive all but the worst temperate winters with minimal protection. Elsewhere grow in a pot and bring under cover during severe freezes.

Easy to grow from seed, it will germinate in a few months if treated as per the care leaflet on my instruction pages.

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