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Nolina excelsa - Beargrass - 10 Fresh Seeds
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Nolina excelsa - Beargrass - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Nolina excelsa - Beargrass - 10 Fresh Seeds

Nolina excelsa - Beargrass

This listing is for 10 seeds of this relative of the Agave.

This is a recently discovered species of Nolina from Mexico found at altitudes of 2300 to 2700 metres. It grows into a branching tree up to 13 metres tall with 8 - 16 branches tipped with rosettes of up to 100 stiff leaves. The leaves are used locally for thatching and also for weaving durable baskets. The flowering stems are up to 1 metre long and multi-branched with hundreds of white flowers. Highly suitable for pot culture and will even flower whilst still relatively small. It is hardier than many Nolina species, but still not reliably so in all conditions, so best grown as a pot specimen where cold wet winters occur. Easy to germinate following the instructions located at this link.

Variety Dasylirion
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Cacti/ Succulents

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