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Oenothera elata ssp hookeri - Tall Evening Primrose - 250 Fresh Seeds
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Oenothera elata ssp hookeri - Tall Evening Primrose - 250 Fresh Seeds


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OENOTHERA ELATA SSP HOOKERI - TALL EVENING PRIMROSE THIS IS A LISTING FOR A PACK OF 250+ SEEDS. Oenothera pallida ssphookeri is a species of evening primrose native to CaliforniaThe tall Evening Primrose has stems that grow to 180 cm in height. Theleaves are alternate reaching 10 cm long to 4 cm broad. The fragrantflowers are variable yellow in colour ranging from a deep yellow,through to pale yellow. It blooms both day and night, but typically inthe pre-dawn hours, closing when the full sun hits them. They bloomfrom April to August, and occasionally into the autumn. The flowersare frequented by several species of insect, but moths are the mostcommon as the flowers are mostly open at night.The plant's wild habitat includes rocky prairies, open woodlands,slopes, roadsides, meadows and disturbed areas. This drought-resistantplant prefers loose, fast-draining soil and full sun and is suitablefor Zones 6a - 9b. This self-seeding nature will allow it to establishin cottage gardens and similar, where it will attract wildlife. Full instructions can be downloaded from my website, details of whichare on my 'Me' page

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