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Pachycereus pringlei - Elephant Cactus - 25 Fresh Seeds

Pachycereus pringlei - Elephant Cactus - 25 Fresh Seeds


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Pachycereus pringlei - Elephant Cactus - 25 Fresh Seeds

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Pachycereus pringlei - Elephant Cactus

This listing is for a pack of 25 seeds.

Also known as the cardon (thistle), this is a true giant of the cactus world, with the tallest specimen recorded being over 19 metres (even taller than the closely related Saguaro).

Generally a tree-like cactus with a primary stem up to 1 metre across and many branches taking the cactus to an average height of 15 metres. It is a massive cactus as well, weighing in at up to 25 tons, again placing it in the same class as the Saguaro.

It differs from the Saguaro in the following  key areas:

  •     fewer ribs on the stems
  •     more heavily branched
  •     branching occurs nearer the base of the stem
  •     areoles and spination differ
  •     the location of the blossoms, lower along the stem
  •     fruit heavily spiny
The flowers are borne all along the ribs, not just on the branch tips as with most other members of the group.  The flowers are white, nocturnal and are pollinated by bats.  The subsequent fruits are spiny but full of an edible pulp containing large seeds.  It is unlikely to flower when grown in a pot, moreover grow it for its spines and shape.

Young plants require a degree of shade and protection from the sun as they normally develop in the shade of another plant until they push through the cover or the shade plant dies (as in the case of a mature cactus).  This need should be observed even in the higher latitudes to protect seedlings from becoming scorched and stunted.

Easy to germinate and grow on, full instructions can be found by going to my 'ME' page and following the links there.
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