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Aloe variegata - Partridge Breasted Aloe

Aloe variegata - Partridge Breasted Aloe


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Pack of 5 seeds.

A small South African Aloe, with a reputation for being almost indestructible, so much so that the Afrikaans for this plant translates as 'Cannot Die'. Indeed over attention is more likely to kill than is any degree of neglect.Growing little more than 30 cm tall, the leaves which are triangular in cross section form a loose rosette. Clustering readily it will soon form a large clump. Flowering occurs in summer, although in the Northern hemisphere this may happen towards the latter half of the summer and into the autumn as is the case with many Aloes. The flowers are borne on tall spikes and are yellow/orange/red in colour, the flowers are not as numerous as on some of the larger species, yet they are still very conspicuous. The flowers may be followed by seed pods where pollination has occurred .

The plant may flower in 4 years from seed in it's natural state, but in the far better conditions it will find in cultivation, this is likely to happen much more quickly. It is not reliably hardy so should be grown in a pot or pan and brought in during cold weather or grown as a greenhouse specimen or as a houseplant.

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