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Passiflora ambigua - Maracuja-doce - 10 Fresh Seeds

Passiflora ambigua - Maracuja-doce - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Passiflora ambigua - Maracujá-doce - 10 Fresh Seeds

Passiflora ambigua - Maracuja-doce (Sweet Passion Fruit)

This listing is for 10 seeds of this Central/South American passion fruit.

This is a rare and beautiful Passiflora. Its highly decorative blooms are 4 to 5 inches across, and are followed by delicious fruit. This is strictly a tropical vine that needs temperatures over 55 F. An ideal subject for greenhouse and conservatory culture, it thrives in warm bright conditions where it will grow rapidly.

Passiflora ambigua is found in rain forests from southern Mexico to Ecuador, usually at lower elevations, but occasionally as high as 5000 feet. It is a large and fast-growing vine. The flowers have rose coloured petals with filaments striped in bluish-purple, white, and red. The 2" fruits are round and are yellow or orange. They were cultivated by the ancient Mayans and are still sold in markets today. The fruits are very sweet and much less acidic than the majority of passion fruit species.

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Variety Passionflowers/ Passiflora
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Perennials

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