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Penstemon pallidus - Pale Beardtongue - 250 Fresh Seeds
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Penstemon pallidus - Pale Beardtongue - 250 Fresh Seeds


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PENSTEMON PALLIDUS - PALE BEARDTONGUE THIS IS A LISTING FOR A PACK OF 250+ SEEDS. Penstemon pallidus is anative of the eastern half of the USA, although absent (or notrecorded) in South Carolina. This perennial wildflower is 1-2' tall and unbranched. The erectcentral stem is pale green and covered with short hairs. The oppositeleaves are up to 3" long and " across. Both the lower and uppersurfaces of the leaves are covered with dense short hairs. The central stem terminates in a panicle of flowers that is tallerthan it is wide. Individual flowers are about " long, consisting of awhite tubular corolla and a short pale green calyx with 5 teeth. Thecorolla becomes gradually wider, forming an upper lip with 2 lobes anda lower lip with 3 lobes. The lower lip projects outward to a greaterextent than the upper lip. Along the bottom of the corolla's interior,there are 3 faint purple veins and a pair of low ridges. Toward thethroat of the corolla, there is an elongated patch of yellow hairs.The exterior of the corolla is slightly pubescent. The pedicels andcalyces of the flowers are also pubescent. The plant is in flower from mid-spring to early summer, lasting about3 weeks. Each flower is replaced by a seed capsule containing severalsmall seeds. This wildflower reproduces by reseeding itself.Full instructions can be downloaded from my website, details of whichare on my 'Me' page

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