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Penstemon strictus - Rocky Mountain Beardtongue - 250 Fresh Seeds
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Penstemon strictus - Rocky Mountain Beardtongue - 250 Fresh Seeds


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Penstemon strictus - Rocky Mountain Beardtongue - 250 Fresh Seeds

Penstemon tubaeflorus - Tube Beardtongue

This listing is for 250 seeds of this hardy, drought tolerant US wildflower.

This species comes from the southwestern states of the USA, where it grows in a wide range of conditions. It is hardy and resiliant plant which can cope with dry and poor soil. It grows up to 1 metre tall and produces a tall spike of beautiful blue flowers in late spring, which arise from a tuft of leaves at the base of the plant and provide a month long show. Ideally suited to informal plantings and cottage garden settings, this is a must have plant for any garden due to its ease of culture and tolerance to less than ideal conditions. It is very attractive to wildlife including bees and early season butterflies.

Hardy in Zones 3 to 9, it is easy to grow from seed and will quickly establish itself. It does require a 60 day stratification period so can either be sown outdoors in the autumn, or sown in pots and then subjected to cold weather (either in a frame or in the fridge) before the warmer spring weather encourages germination. Full instructions for growing all US wildflowers can be found at this link.

Variety Penstemons
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Perennials

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