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Melaleuca uncinata - Peppermint Scented Broombush

Melaleuca uncinata - Peppermint Scented Broombush


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Packet of 25+ seeds.

This is a native of the Eastern parts of Australia and is found from Queensland down to South Australia. It yields an essential oil that smells strongly of peppermint and this scent is readily apparent whenever the leaves are crushed or bruised. The common name derives from the fact that the cut branches are used for brooms, as well as being used as brush fences.

It will grow to be a shrub or straggly tree about 0.5 - 5 metres tall with a similar spread. It produces a profusion of yellow flowers in spring and summer. Hardy to Zone 8 and tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions. It will withstand moderate frost, but may develop a purple tinge on the leaves if the exposure is for any length of time.

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