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Phormium colensoi - Mountain Flax - 20 Fresh Seeds
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Phormium colensoi - Mountain Flax - 20 Fresh Seeds


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Phormium colensoi - Mountain Flax

This listing is for 20 seeds of this large New Zealand flax plant.

Phormium colensoi (mountain flax or wharariki in Māori) is a perennial plant that is native to New Zealand. It is less common than the other Phormium species, P. tenax. The greenish, yellow or orange flowers are followed by twisted seed pods.

The leaves are under 2 metres in length while those of P. tenax range from 1 to 3 metres in length. The scape is much shorter than that of P. tenax, rising up to 2 metres in height while that of P. tenax is around 5 metres in height. The colour of the inner tepals is green while the outer tepals are yellow to red. In contrast the tepals of P. tenax are a dull red, with the tips of the inner tepals being less strongly recurved. The capsules of P. colensoi, unlike those of P. tenax are twisted and pendulous, and may be twice as long (up to 20 cm in length).

Phormium colensoi has two distinct geographic forms, one occurring in lowland parts of the North Island, and the other in the southern and mountainous areas of the South Island as well as ranges in the North Island. The lowland form has green or yellow tepals and the mountain form has red tepals. In the Cook Strait area, both forms and intermediates can be found. These seeds come from the Cook strait area, so both types may be in the pack

It is easy to grow and cultivate. Easy to germinate following the instructions located at this link.

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