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Lapeirousia silenoides - Pink Cornflower

Lapeirousia silenoides - Pink Cornflower


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Packet of 5 seeds.

This is a partly hardy bulbous plant from South Africa. Known as Koringblommetjie in Afrikaans, this translates literally as corn flower. The early settlers saw many flowers growing in amongst the cereals they planted in areas they cleared and grouped them all together as corn flowers. This variety has cerise pink flowers much like the Catch Fly (Silene) that it's specific name recalls.

A member of the Iris family, it is closely related to both the Freesias and the Ixias. A spring/early summer flowering bulb, it should nonetheless be sown in Autumn. Growing to 15 cm tall, it has six petalled flowers which are cerise with maroon markings on the lower petals and cream centres - a very striking combination.

Quick and easy from seed it may flower in it's 3rd year. Rapidly dividing it will quickly cover a large area and can be divided once the foliage has died back.

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