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Albizia versicolor - Poison Pod Albizia
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Albizia versicolor - Poison Pod Albizia


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Packet of 5 seeds.

This is a large member of the Albizia genus, reaching 18 metres tall. It is widespread throughout central and southern Africa, although it tends to thrive in the drier areas.

It bears attractive cream/yellow flowers in spring, followed by large flat reddish brown seed pods up to 27 cm long. It has grey/black fissured bark, it's branches lack the thorns of the related Acacia's. The leaves are large and feathery, resembling that found on Mimosa's. The common name refers to its toxicity to cattle and sheep where young seed pods can cause death in these animals within 48 hours.

Hardy to Zone 10, so probably only suitable for outdoor culture in the mildest areas of the UK. Elsewhere grow as a fast growing, drought tolerant container specimen to be brought in before any frost. Would also make an attractive bonsai specimen.

Easy to grow buy following the instructions here:

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