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Ptychosperma elegans - Solitaire Palm - 10 Fresh Seeds
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Ptychosperma elegans - Solitaire Palm - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Ptychosperma elegans - The Solitaire Palm 
This sale is for 10 fresh seeds of the Solitaire Palm - Ptychosperma elegans
This palm is most often seen growing alone and has a single stem, hence the common name.
A native of Queensland and the Northern Territories of Australia, this is a fast growing palm tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions including poor light.  It can be grown either as single specimen or in small groups of plants.
In common with most palms in cultivation it requires a rich moist soil and a fairly well lit location, although it will tolerate shade and still perform reasonably well, making it an ideal candidate for use as a house plant, as long as the humidity levels can be kept up.
Germinating the seeds is really easy and once the root appears and you pot the seedling up, you should have the first leaf a few weeks later.
Use as a houseplant where conditions can be met or in a conservatory or greenhouse.  In the tropics use as a stunning accent plant.

Full instructions are included with every seed and plant purchase.  You may elect to have these sent by email if you wish.Important Note for all Seeds and PlantsAll seeds sold are fresh and are stored in conditions suitable to promote the viability of that particular type of seed.  All plants are guaranteed to be free from disease when supplied.  Germinating seeds and growing plants are subject to many other factors including the conditions under which they are raised (including but not limited to: Light, moisture, soil, humidity) and the skill of the individual grower.  As the vendor, such  factors are completely outside of my control and all seeds and plants are supplied on this basis.

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