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Quick and Easy Indoor Bonsai Trees From Seed - Acacia

Quick and Easy Indoor Bonsai Trees From Seed - Acacia


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Quick and Easy Indoor Bonsai Trees From Seed - Acacia

Description :

Indoor Bonsai From Seed!
Youare bidding for a packet of 5 seeds, either chosen at random or your ownchoice of a single species pack from the list given below. I can also provide a random mixed pack (butnot 5 packs of 1 seed or specific mixed packs - you would have no way of telling which was what even if you told me what you wanted).

Choose from 35 types of African Acaciaspecies (Thorn Trees).How many times have you wished you could grow abonsai in your house,only to be told or read that bonsai must be grownoutside for much of the year and can only be brought in for shortperiods?

Worried that you cannot provide the right conditionsfor abonsai tree? The answer is to grow one of the many tropical treevarieties that Ioffer. Growing from seed is rewarding and comes at afraction of the cost of buying a single specimen from a shop/gardencentre/nursery. In this auction I am offering seeds from the Acaciafamily. These are fastgrowing and easy to care for trees that are allsuitable for indoor Bonsai use.Why? - Easy, because in the wild theirshape and size are determined by browsing/grazing animals. They areregularly pruned by herbivores suchas antelope, zebra and evengiraffes, in fact the only animal that poses a real threat to theirsurvival is the elephant as they tend to push them over in order toreach the top most leaves. If you see yourself, the grower, as a morepredictable and selective 'browser/grazer' you can see how you canquickly and easily influenceyour young tree. Spectacular results can beachieved in just a few years, not the many decades that the moretraditional bonsai trees take.The majority of these are hardy to Zone9, so can go outside in the summer if you wish - or you can grow them inthe house ALL YEAR ROUND!! Choose from the following list:

1. Acacia albida - White Thorn
2. Acacia ataxacantha - Flame Thorn
3. Acacia borleae - Stickly Thorn
4. Acacia burkei - Black Monkey Thorn
5. Acacia caffra - Cat Thorn
6. Acacia davyii - Corky Thorn
7. Acacia erioloba - Camel Thorn
8. Acacia erioloba x haematoxylon - Hybrid Thorn
9. Acacia erubescens - Blue Thorn
10. Acacia exuvialis - Flaky Thorn
11. Acacia fleckii - Blade Thorn
12. Acacia galpinii - Monkey Thorn
13. Acacia gerradii - Grey Haired Thorn or Red Thorn
14. Acacia goetzei - Purple Pod Thorn
15. Acacia grandicornuta - Horned Thorn
16. Acacia haematoxylon - Grey Camel Thorn
17. Acacia hebeclada - Candle Thorn
18. Acacia heroensis - Mountain Thorn
19. Acacia karoo - Sweet Thorn
20. Acacia ludertzii - Umbrella Thorn
21. Acacia mellifera - Black Thorn
22. Acacia montis-usti - Brandberg Thorn
23. Acacia natalitia - Natal Sweet Thorn
24. Acacia nigrescens - Knob Thorn
25. Acacia nilotica - Egyptian Thorn
26. Acacia permixta - Hairy Thorn
27. Acacia polyacantha - Falcons Claw
28. Acacia recifiens - False Umbrella Thorn
29. Acacia rehmanniana - Silky Thorn
30. Acacia robusta - Splendid Thorn
31. Acacia senegal - Three Thorned Thorn
32. Acacia sieberiana - Paperbark Thorn
33. Acacia stuhlmanii - Thorn Bush
34. Acacia swazica - Swazi Thorn
35. Acacia tortilis - Umbrella Thorn
36. Acacia xanthopholea - Fever Thorn

Letme know the type you require when you pay otherwise a random selectionwill be made from the above list. All can be grown as bonsai, containershrubs or in warmer frost free climates they can be grown outdoors yearround. Some species may even go outside intemperate climates!

Shipping :

Postage is always combined on orders paid for in one transaction, if the automated checkout does not do this for you, please ask for a combined invoice before paying as it is not always possible to do this retrospectively.

Payment :

I accept PayPal, Cheque or Postal Order. If bidding on more than one item please email me for a combined postage quote as this may save you money. International customers please pay by PayPal. If paying by PayPal please combine multiple orders together into one payment.


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