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Ravenea rivularis - Majestic Palm - Fresh Seeds
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Ravenea rivularis - Majestic Palm - Fresh Seeds


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Ravenea rivularis - Majestic Palm

You are bidding for 5 seeds.A native of Madgascar where it grows by the side of rivers and streams.  It is threatened in habitat due to deforestation, but is commonly found in cultivation around the tropics due to its fast growing nature.  Considered by some as unsuitable as a houseplant, this is likley due to poor cultivation on the part of the individual reporting it, in particular it has a hard time absorbing magnesium, the lack of which will lead to the symptons descibed in the articles claiming its unsuitability for indoor use.  To over come this, experienced growers provide a dose of epsom salts annually and all seems fine.

This is a fast growing and ultimately massive palm.  It will take as much water as the grower will give it during the season and reward this with a leaf a month or more, even on relatively small specimens.  It will reach heights approaching 12 to 15 metres or more when fully grown.

It is not hardy, orignating as it does from Madagascar, it requires a winter minimum of around 7 Deg C, although brief dips lower are tolerated.  It likes a moist soil and full sun, rewarding this with luxuriant growth.

Very easy from seed by following the instructions provided with which I have successfully germinated 1000's of palm seeds.

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