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Eucalyptus fibrosa - Red Ironbark
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Eucalyptus fibrosa - Red Ironbark


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Packet of 25+ seeds.

This is a large member of the ironbark group of eucalypt's. Its common and Latin names both make reference to features of the bark, which is both red and fibrous.

A tall growing evergreen eucalyptus, it originates from Queensland and New South Wales. It carries white flowers in the summer. Like many other species there is a clear difference between juvenile and adult foliage. The juvenile leaves are large and leathery, whereas the adult leaves are narrow and finer.

It is hardy to Zone 9, perhaps a little lower and will grow quickly where it establishes. Eventually growing to be 35 metres or more tall with a spread of 15 metres, it comes from areas that are generally free from frost, although it may tolerate light frost for short periods. Again like all Eucalyptus it responds well to pruning regimes and can make a good, if unusual subject for us

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