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Gladiolus crassifolius - Thick Leaved Gladiolus

Gladiolus crassifolius - Thick Leaved Gladiolus


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Pack of 5 seeds of this fairly hardy bulbous plant.

This species is fairly widespread across much of eastern and southern Africa, although it only occurs in grassland at altitudes over 4000 feet. Indeed it is found in many high altitude locations, making it hardy species for use in the temperate garden. The only issue is likely to be waterlogging of the soil, which does not occur in its habitat. Adding extra grit to the planting location can overcome this, as is the case with any alpine species.

It is a highly variable species, depending where in the range it comes from. The common features are the very stout stem and thickened leaves (from where the Latin name comes from). The flowers range from pale to deep salmon in colour and may or may not have distinctive spots. The flowering period also varies amongst the populations and can occur immediately before or after the spring rains. In the northern hemisphere it is most likely to be a late summer flowering plant. The stems can be over 1 metre tall and carry 12 or more florets opening in succession.

Easy from seed, it can be sown at most times of the year, but in the Northern Hemisphere, a late summer sowing under glass will yield the best results. As with all Gladioli, it will produce numerous offsets when the corms are mature. These can be used to further increase your stock.


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