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Chamaedorea elegans - The Parlour Palm

Chamaedorea elegans - The Parlour Palm


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Pack of 7 seeds of this easy to grow palm.

A small tropical palm tree growing to 3 metres tall on a single stem. The clustering specimens you see in shops/garden centres are the result of planting several in a clump as this tree is always a solitaire in the wild. Originating from Central America, this was first popularised by Victorian growers as it readily adapted to house culture and was almost indestructible.Flowering whilst still quite small, male and female flowering stems are produced separately. If pollinated, thin skinned fruit forms in clusters taking a few months for to ripen.

Hardy to Zone 10, this is suitable for pot culture in most locations and can be grown outside in the warmer weather. Most suitable as a houseplant as it will tolerate high levels of neglect. Treat it well, however, and it will reward this with lush growth and a willingness to flower rarely seen in palms grown in the house.

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