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Rosa arkansana -Prairie Rose - Fresh Seed
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Rosa arkansana -Prairie Rose - Fresh Seed


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Rosa arkansana - Prairie Rose

This is a listing for a pack of 20 seeds.Rosa arkansana (Prairie Rose or Wild Prairie Rose; syn. R. pratincola, R. suffulta, R. suffulta var. relicta) is a species of rose native to a large area of central North America, between the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains from Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan south to New Mexico, Texas and Indiana.

It is a low growing shrubby rose, with hooked thorns.  The flowers are variable pink, borne in summer. It grows up to 60cm tall with a 100cm spread.  It is hardy in Zones 4a to 9b, making it suitable for most locations.  It prefers a location in full sun with a free draining soil, though it will grow in all locations except deep shade and very waterlogged soils.  Ideal for use in a cottage garden planting where it will add both colour and scent.

Full instructions can be downloaded from my website, details of which are on my 'Me' page

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