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Rosa carolina - Pasture Rose - Fresh Seed
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Rosa carolina - Pasture Rose - Fresh Seed


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Rosa carolina - Pasture Rose

This is a listing for a pack of 10 seeds.Rosa carolina, commonly known as the Carolina Rose or Pasture Rose, is a shrub in the rose family native to eastern North America, where it can be found in nearly all US states and Canadian provinces east of the Great Plains.

The stems have straight, needle-like thorns, which distinguishes it from very similar species which have curved thorns. The very fragrant flowers emerge in early summer and are light pink in color.  It grows up to 90cm tall with a similar spread.  It is hardy in Zones 3a to 9b, making it suitable for most locations.  It prefers a free draining location in full sun, though it will grow in all locations except deep shade and waterlogged soils.  Ideal for use in a cottage garden planting where it will add both colour and scent.

Full instructions can be downloaded from my website, details of which are on my 'Me' page

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