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Rudbeckia triloba - Brown Eyed Susan (Red Form) - 100 Fresh Seeds
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Rudbeckia triloba - Brown Eyed Susan (Red Form) - 100 Fresh Seeds


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Rudbeckia triloba - Brown Eyed Susan (Red Form) This is a listing for a pack of 100 seeds. Rudbeckia triloba (Brown-eyed Susan, Brown-eyed Susan, Thin-leavedConeflower, Three-leaved Coneflower) is a plant native to the UnitedStates. It is sometimes grown in gardens, but it is usually seen inold fields or along roadsides. This is a pretty red flowered sport ofthe species, which comes true from seed, even where it self seedsHerbaceous biennial to perennial. Native to central-eastern UnitedStates. Height is 2-3 feet with a spread of 1 to 1.5 feet. Needs fullsun and medium water. Easy to grow. Deadhead spent flowers toencourage additional bloom ad/or to prevent any unwanted self seeding.This plant is in part distinguished from black-eyed Susan by having amore profuse bloom of smaller flowers that usually have fewer rays perflowerhead.Tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions, this species issuitable for Zones 3 - 9. Ideally suited for a wildlife or wildflowergarden, this plant is extremely attractive to both butterflies andbirds. It will also add charm to a cottage garden planting, selfseeding where happy.Full instructions can be downloaded from my website, details of whichare on my 'Me' page

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