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Aegle marmelos - Sacred Bael Fruit

Aegle marmelos - Sacred Bael Fruit


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Packet of 5 seeds of this plant.

Known by a multitude of common names including: Bengal quince, Indian quince, golden apple, holy fruit, stone apple and wood apple. It will eventually (in the wild) produce a medium sized (15 m) semi - evergreen tree. Initially the seedlings make rapid growth, although this will eventually slow down.

The seedling trees will bear fruit after about 7 years or so.

The tree flowers in April, just as new leaves are produced and the fruits ripen some 10 or 11 months later. The tree has strong links to the Hindu religion and is widely grown in the grounds of temples, where it is used for medicinal as well as religious purposes.

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  1. got delivery on time

    Posted by ramde 3 years ago

    not germination tips

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