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Selinicereus mixed species - Stunning Moonlight Cactus
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Selinicereus mixed species - Stunning Moonlight Cactus


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Never common in cultivation in it's pure forms, the plants of this group are some of the true wonders of the cactus world. Grown solely for their flowers, these are some of the most spectacular flowers produced by any plant. The name Selenicereus is derived from the Greek Moon goddess Selene and they are given this name as the flowers open at night. Also known as the Queen of Night, a name shared with some of the giant cereus species. In general, the flowers are white or cream in colour, brightly coloured flowers serve no true purpose in the absence of daylight. The flowers have an intense, almost over-powering sweet perfume, designed to attract the pollinator's which in the main are bats and large nocturnal insects such as moths. They produce large fruits known as Pitahayas, which are edible, if somewhat sour.

This and the other species of epiphytic cacti are often, erroneously, referred to as 'leaf cactus', the 'leaves' are in fact flattened stems, superbly modified for a life in the canopy or scrambling up things. They are often equipped with aerial roots, which serve both to anchor the plants and seek out fresh water and nutrient supplies.

Requiring less light and more warmth in winter than normal desert cactus, these can be grown well in centrally heated rooms and still be relied on to flower - unlike desert cactus.

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