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Sesamothamnus lugardii - Transvaal Sesame Bush - Indoor Bonsai - 5 Seeds
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Sesamothamnus lugardii - Transvaal Sesame Bush - Indoor Bonsai - 5 Seeds


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Sesamothamnus lugardii - Transvaal Sesame Bush

This listing is for 5 seeds of this pachycaul succulent plant from Southern Africa.

Sesamothamnus lugardii is known locally as the Sesame Bush and it has a succulent trunk and stems which carry grey/green elliptical leaves, with a stout spine underneath each leaf axil. It produces a swollen trunk, in time, with peeling bark a bit like that seen in the Myrrh family. It forms a natural bonsai without any intervention other than pruning back of the stems to keep those to a manageable size. It is dry deciduous and will lose its leaves if water is withheld, rewarding this rest period with flowers once watering is resumed. The flowers are long white, five petalled, trumpets which appear just as the leaves are starting to re-grow.

Unchecked it will grow to 5 metres tall with a trunk of up to 2 metres across, but if grown in a pot more manageable dimensions are in order. It is not at all hardy requiring no frost at all so Zone 10b and up only for growing outdoors. In order to flower it needs a winter rest, so do not water it when it is of flowering size between October and March. This will make an usual addition to any collection of succulent plants and as a naturally growing bonsai it is an ideal candidate for an easy to grow and care for indoor bonsai specimen..

It is easy to grow and cultivate. Easy to germinate following the instructions located at this link.

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