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Abies magnifica var. shastensis - Shasta Red Fir
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Abies magnifica var. shastensis - Shasta Red Fir


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This is a very beautiful fir from the Northern SierraNevada's into the Southern Cascade range. Closely allied to the NobleFir (Abies procera), some botanists believe that this is actually anaturally occurring hybrid between the Noble Fir and the Red Fir (Abiesmagnifica var magnifica). It is true the ranges overlap and the theorycould be correct, however it is an undeniably beautiful fir and appearsto be 'stable' where it is grown and produces offspring true to type -generally the mark of a valid species/variety.

It is a large tree, with a medium growthrate. The tree can reach extreme heights of 76 metres, but 50 metres isa more likely average with a spread of 15 metres. It is hardy to Zone6, prefers an acid soil which maintains its moisture levels. It producesquite showy cones when still quite young, these take some time tomature when they release quite large seeds in some numbers. May be grown as a garden specimen or used as material for bonsai culture.

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