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Silene armeria - None So Pretty - 250 Fresh Seeds
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Silene armeria - None So Pretty - 250 Fresh Seeds


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Silene armeria - None So Pretty - 250 Fresh Seeds

This listing is for 250 seeds of this cottage garden annual plant.

A fast growing annual which can be in flower from as little as 6 weeks from sowing. It grows to 60 cm in height with a spread of 30 cm and has glowing pink flowers. It will bloom heavily all summer long and it will self seed if some of the later flowers are allowed to run to seed. To ensure continuous flowering, spent blooms should be removed before they produce seed. The stems and leaves exude a sticky sap, which has been known to trap insects leading to its other common-name of catchfly.

Easy from seed, it can just be sown in open ground where it is to flower. Always leave some plants to go to seed so as to replace the plants each year for every improving displays. Full instructions for growing all US wildflowers can be found at this link.

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