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Aloe microstigma - The Small Spotted Aloe

Aloe microstigma - The Small Spotted Aloe


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Pack of 5 seeds.

A common Aloe from South Africa the plants reach up to 60cm tall and and normally has single rosettes, rarely small clusters. The leaves are arranged in rosettes and are blue-green with quite conspicuous, if small, white spots appear on the leaves which also have toothy margins. The plant usually produces two or three flowers stems simultaneously in late summer to early autumn. The flower stems are up to one metre tall and the full grown plant will produce two or three stems at the same time. The flowers are bi-coloured, with red buds turning orange.This is one of the most beautiful of aloes, both in it's form and the flowers. I have had specimens from seed to flower in 4 years, these being given lots of space to develop.

Very easy from seed, as with most Aloe's provided that the seed is fresh. It can be sown during the summer or autumn for best results - it should be kept growing throughout its first winter.

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