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Sarracenia rosea - Southern Purple Pitcher Plant
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Sarracenia rosea - Southern Purple Pitcher Plant


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Southern Purple Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia rosea

This listing is for a pack of 10 fresh seeds complete with detailed cultural instructions.

Until recently this species was classed as sub-species of the Purple Pitcher plant. Several studies have shown that this is, in fact, a seperate species with a complete geographic split from its near relative. Native to the southern gulf coastal areas of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida (along with a small area Georgia), this is less hardy and more shade tolerant than the more common species. Naturally occurring in damp, boggy areas, they have developed to make up for the lack of nutrition in the soil by 'providing their own'. When faced with the threat to its natural habitat it seems to have found a new niche and large colonies are being discovered in the drainage ditches of the highways and interstates in the region.

Easy from seed, it will produce the charactersitic pitchers in the 2nd year from seed and is quite a long lived species. As the name suggests the pitchers are green and purple and initially filled with a mix containing digestive enzymes which will digest any insects that fall into them. As the pitchers age (each may last for two seasons), they become inhabited with a whole host of micro organisms and insect larvae which help 'recycle' any insects which fall into them and thus making further nutrients available to the plant.

Of all of the carnivorous plants, these are by far the easiest group to grow and will make fascinating addition to any garden where sufficient moisture can be provided.

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