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Sowing Kit For Palm, Cycad and Banana Seeds
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Sowing Kit For Palm, Cycad and Banana Seeds


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Sowing Kit for Palm, Cycads and Banana Seeds

This listing is for 0.5 Litres of horticultural grade vermiculite (expanded mica chips) in a GL 9 sized (6 x 9 inch) grip seal bag. The pack contains all you need to grow a batch or two of palm seeds (as an example up to 50 Phoenix dactylifera - Date Palm seeds could be germinated using this bag).

The bag contains the dry sterile medium and just needs the addition of 30 ml of boiling water (2 tablespoons). This 'kit' will enable you to follow the 'baggie method' for germinating palm/cycad/banana seeds, just add the pre-treated seeds to the bag, shake, seal and place in a warm location.

Due to this being dead on the 25 mm limit for Large Letter post, this will be sent seperately of any seeds.

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