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Stapelia mixed species - Starfish Flowers - 15 Fresh Seeds
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Stapelia mixed species - Starfish Flowers - 15 Fresh Seeds


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Stapelia mixed species - Starfish Flowers - 15 Fresh Seeds

Mixed Stapelia Seeds - Starfish Flowers

This is a listing for pack of 15 seeds from a mix of at least 6 species of stapeliad.

It will contain Stapelia ambigua, asterias, gigantea, nobilis, variegata (Orbea) and veluta. It may also contain some caralluma species, Quaqua and Tridentea - although probably not in every pack due to the small numbers in the mix.

Known as the starfish flower due to the shape of the flowers, they are also known as Zulu Lilies, Toad Lilies and Carrion Flowers (as some use flies as pollinators). All are highly succulent and have four angled stems either felt covered or smooth. They flower on growth that is a year to 18 months old, so they need to be kept growing if you want the spectacularly unusual flowers to form. The flowers, if pollinated, are followed by twin seed horns containing hundreds of seeds on silken parachutes which blow away in the slightest breeze.

Full instructions can be found by following this link.

Variety Stapelia
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Cacti/ Succulents

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